Enriching Minds


Enriching Minds

Enriching Minds offers unique educational talks, workshops, and events aimed at students taking the GCSE, BTEC, I, AS or A-Level examinations.

The original website was no longer online and the logo needed a refresh, so we drew inspiration from the original to create a crisp, minimalist version that looks great both as a social media logo and an app icon.

Since the main product offering is event tickets and the client didn't want to redirect their audience to a third-party website, we decided that Shopify was the best integrated solution. Easy to edit using the backend CMS, it allows users to publish, edit, and delete products in a quick and straightforward way. 

The Shopify app store also offers a partner event management app called Evey, which gives the client the power to export attendee lists, customise eTickets, and sync attendee details directly with MailChimp. 

A quick, effective e-commerce solution, this project was developed side-by-side with the client for a short-notice launch. 




ATFX: Black Cabs Campaign

ATFX is a leading online forex and cryptocurrency trading broker, headquartered in the City of London.

As one of the main sponsors of the Finance Magnates London Summit, an annual event bringing together some of the most influential people in the trading industry, the client was focused on harnessing this exposure to promote brand awareness in the UK market.

The creative "Black Cab" advertising campaign saw the iconic side-panel artwork making its way around the city, stopping at iconic London locations during the busy December tourist season.

Buzzbar provided a skilled photographer for the day, who followed the campaign and snapped high-impact shots of the modified taxi cabs.

All editing and post-production was handled by the Buzzbar team, providing the client with a quick turnaround on an exciting and creative advertising campaign.





Zappi is an online portal and mobile app that connects schools and supply teachers in a simple and transparent way, eliminating the need for costly recruitment agencies.

The premise of the brand is speed, honesty, and reliability, as well as the distinguishing factor of being the only direct education recruitment app on the market. We worked with the co-founders to develop the initial branding concept, going through a number of iterations before deciding on the final direction.

The logo consists of an icon and font combination, giving developers the flexibility of choosing an icon-only logo for small, compact spaces like app icons and website favicons. 

A bright green background is instantly inviting, with a simple typeface accented by a curved speed line that underlines the on-demand nature of the product. 

Earlier iterations of the typeface offered a more distinct take on the font style, but were in danger of overloading the simplicity and straightforward character of the brand's core offering. A clean, modern style is a better reflection of Zappi's values, with the branding being carried forward to the final stages of marketing and product development.


Logo Development

Zappi Development.005.jpeg
Zappi Development.033.jpeg

Novum Insights


Novum Insights

Novum Insights is one of the leading market monitors for blockchain and emerging technologies, generating custom reports and data exploration tools for corporate and industry investors.

Starting with a clean slate, we collaborated with the client to nail down the key attributes of the product, audience, and brand. This allowed us to create a three-dimensional, isometric icon in the shape of the letter "N", reflecting the need for a modular approach to complex data sets.

Keeping the colour palette clean, corporate, and bright was a key feature of the client's vision, leading us to devote a vivid secondary palette to the development of user-friendly tools and data charts. These colours, when used sparingly, provide distinctive accents throughout the entire front-end landscape.

Promotional assets and merchandise, such as roller banners, t-shirts, business cards, and branded pens were designed, ordered, and delivered to location, saving the client time and administrative resources during busy planning periods.

By blending seamlessly with the client's existing team, Buzzbar Specialists were able to contribute valuable resources and expertise at short notice, supporting core activities as and when they were required.


Jekyll and Hide


Jekyll and Hide Presents Work & Play

Jeckyll and Hide is a mid-to-high-end South African menswear and accessories brand, specialising in authentic, hand-crafted leather bags, belts, jackets, wallets, and purses.

As a largely online retailer, save for its global airport shopping stockists, there is a significant focus on expanding brand awareness and promoting region-specific campaigns in new markets.

Buzzbar worked with the brand's designers to develop an intersecting narrative concept for an online video campaign targeted specifically at their UK Instagram audience. Three videos featuring three standalone but co-dependent story lines were developed by our creative media and art direction specialists, before being filmed and edited by the videography team.

We also provided casting support in terms of curating and sourcing online influencers to feature in the clips, followed by a series of further promotional photographs shot in and around well-known London locations.

Our unique spin on the personified narrative style was effective in presenting the brand's products in relatable, day-to-day scenarios, avoiding anything overly conceptual and detached from the target consumer audience.


Fit This


Fit This

Fit This is an independent, Hackney-based sports facility, offering a mix of fitness and leisure to a diverse urban community.

Following consultation with the client, we created a statement logo inspired by shape, strength, and the art of stencil graffiti. Three vibrant colours give character to a monochrome logo, perfectly suited for use as a favicon, app icon, or social media logo. 

The custom-built website features a projection-style moving background and complementary red/green colour accents on call-to-action features. Weekly class schedules can be updated via the user-friendly content management system, and an integrated booking form allows users to sign up for free membership trials.

Custom signage was designed for the interior and branded light projections were installed inside the building to create an immersive brand experience.

Personal trainers are photographed in our studio on an on-going basis, with all photographs shot, edited & uploaded by a Buzzbar Specialist. 

“We’ve worked quite closely with Buzzbar during the re-brand of my gym, and am really pleased with our results. They have proven to be varied in their skills and will go that extra mile to get the job done!”
— Nancy Malone, Managing Director at Fit This

Susan Morris


Susan Morris

Dr. Susan Morris is an academic and conceptual artist who creates mixed-media artwork, exploring aspects of the human experience that are often overlooked. 

We worked with Susan to support her in capturing and visualising digital tracking data for some of her most well-known projects, giving her one-on-one guidance whenever and wherever she needed it.

The story behind her well-known Motion Capture Drawings was discussed in a video filmed and produced by our creative team, giving her an opportunity to showcase the motivations and methods behind her unique work. 

Short promotional videos and photographs of her other pieces were created for use in art galleries and online features, as well as a minimalist website where she could display her past, present, and upcoming projects.

All marketing assets and PR support materials are created by Buzzbar on an on-going basis, ensuring that Susan always has high-quality portraits, art photography, and video clips to share with industry media. These are produced in her signature minimalist, black and white artistic style.





Montash is an award-winning global technology recruitment company, specialising in SAP, Information Security, and Cloud & Software technologies. 

Founded in 2004, the company has grown and matured in step with the technology market. By 2017, the co-founders felt it was time to employ some creative storytelling to share the company's journey and long-term vision.

We wrote a script based on interviews with the two co-founders, employing a third-person narrative to tell the story of Montash and how it came to be. 

The video was filmed in real-time, with an illustrator drawing various parts of the story on a whiteboard. Our videographer then edited the footage to create a more concise storyline, adding subtle animation effects and pops of colour. Narration by a professional voice actor completed the film.

Our content and design team also work with Montash on an on-going basis, developing social media assets for use across all online platforms. Images are cut, filtered & branded according to internal Montash guidelines, giving them a diverse and flexible choice of visuals for any occasion.

“Buzzbar were brilliant at bringing our story to life through a multi-channel approach that was quick and flexible, proving to be a creative and dynamic team of specialists. The process was easy, as they quickly understood the brief and the brand. This enables them to add real value and contribute to the success of the campaign. I would recommend Buzzbar to any organisation that is looking to work with an agency to help grow their brand.”
— Nandip Aulak, Head of Marketing at Montash