Apollonia + Zak Velsvoir + Bailey Nelson


Apollonia + Zak Velsvoir + Bailey Nelson

Apollonia is a London-based fashion studio, bringing together artists of various disciplines to produce high-quality streetwear that reflects the brand's design aesthetics.

All garments are sold through their online store, with a high dependency on social media and grassroots community to promote exposure and brand awareness. High-quality video and photography, therefore, is a must.

Buzzbar directed and produced a promotional video that harnessed the organic following of three separate brands, creating a three-way conversation between Apollonia, menswear consultant Zak Velsvoir, and glasses retailer Bailey Nelson.

An engaging mix of quirky and stylish, the video is shot on an intimate plane with the viewer, lending a relatable quality to a high-fashion scene. Short, attention-grabbing, and full of personality, it's a clip made for sharing. 

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