Enriching Minds


Enriching Minds

Enriching Minds offers unique educational talks, workshops, and events aimed at students taking the GCSE, BTEC, I, AS or A-Level examinations.

The original website was no longer online and the logo needed a refresh, so we drew inspiration from the original to create a crisp, minimalist version that looks great both as a social media logo and an app icon.

Since the main product offering is event tickets and the client didn't want to redirect their audience to a third-party website, we decided that Shopify was the best integrated solution. Easy to edit using the backend CMS, it allows users to publish, edit, and delete products in a quick and straightforward way. 

The Shopify app store also offers a partner event management app called Evey, which gives the client the power to export attendee lists, customise eTickets, and sync attendee details directly with MailChimp. 

A quick, effective e-commerce solution, this project was developed side-by-side with the client for a short-notice launch.