Fit This


Fit This

Fit This is an independent, Hackney-based sports facility, offering a mix of fitness and leisure to a diverse urban community.

Following consultation with the client, we created a statement logo inspired by shape, strength, and the art of stencil graffiti. Three vibrant colours give character to a monochrome logo, perfectly suited for use as a favicon, app icon, or social media logo. 

The custom-built website features a projection-style moving background and complementary red/green colour accents on call-to-action features. Weekly class schedules can be updated via the user-friendly content management system, and an integrated booking form allows users to sign up for free membership trials.

Custom signage was designed for the interior and branded light projections were installed inside the building to create an immersive brand experience.

Personal trainers are photographed in our studio on an on-going basis, with all photographs shot, edited & uploaded by a Buzzbar Specialist. 

“We’ve worked quite closely with Buzzbar during the re-brand of my gym, and am really pleased with our results. They have proven to be varied in their skills and will go that extra mile to get the job done!”
— Nancy Malone, Managing Director at Fit This