Jekyll and Hide


Jekyll and Hide Presents Work & Play

Jeckyll and Hide is a mid-to-high-end South African menswear and accessories brand, specialising in authentic, hand-crafted leather bags, belts, jackets, wallets, and purses.

As a largely online retailer, save for its global airport shopping stockists, there is a significant focus on expanding brand awareness and promoting region-specific campaigns in new markets.

Buzzbar worked with the brand's designers to develop an intersecting narrative concept for an online video campaign targeted specifically at their UK Instagram audience. Three videos featuring three standalone but co-dependent story lines were developed by our creative media and art direction specialists, before being filmed and edited by the videography team.

We also provided casting support in terms of curating and sourcing online influencers to feature in the clips, followed by a series of further promotional photographs shot in and around well-known London locations.

Our unique spin on the personified narrative style was effective in presenting the brand's products in relatable, day-to-day scenarios, avoiding anything overly conceptual and detached from the target consumer audience.