Montash is an award-winning global technology recruitment company, specialising in SAP, Information Security, and Cloud & Software technologies. 

Founded in 2004, the company has grown and matured in step with the technology market. By 2017, the co-founders felt it was time to employ some creative storytelling to share the company's journey and long-term vision.

We wrote a script based on interviews with the two co-founders, employing a third-person narrative to tell the story of Montash and how it came to be. 

The video was filmed in real-time, with an illustrator drawing various parts of the story on a whiteboard. Our videographer then edited the footage to create a more concise storyline, adding subtle animation effects and pops of colour. Narration by a professional voice actor completed the film.

Our content and design team also work with Montash on an on-going basis, developing social media assets for use across all online platforms. Images are cut, filtered & branded according to internal Montash guidelines, giving them a diverse and flexible choice of visuals for any occasion.

“Buzzbar were brilliant at bringing our story to life through a multi-channel approach that was quick and flexible, proving to be a creative and dynamic team of specialists. The process was easy, as they quickly understood the brief and the brand. This enables them to add real value and contribute to the success of the campaign. I would recommend Buzzbar to any organisation that is looking to work with an agency to help grow their brand.”
— Nandip Aulak, Head of Marketing at Montash