Novum Insights


Novum Insights

Novum Insights is one of the leading market monitors for blockchain and emerging technologies, generating custom reports and data exploration tools for corporate and industry investors.

Starting with a clean slate, we collaborated with the client to nail down the key attributes of the product, audience, and brand. This allowed us to create a three-dimensional, isometric icon in the shape of the letter "N", reflecting the need for a modular approach to complex data sets.

Keeping the colour palette clean, corporate, and bright was a key feature of the client's vision, leading us to devote a vivid secondary palette to the development of user-friendly tools and data charts. These colours, when used sparingly, provide distinctive accents throughout the entire front-end landscape.

Promotional assets and merchandise, such as roller banners, t-shirts, business cards, and branded pens were designed, ordered, and delivered to location, saving the client time and administrative resources during busy planning periods.

By blending seamlessly with the client's existing team, Buzzbar Specialists were able to contribute valuable resources and expertise at short notice, supporting core activities as and when they were required.