Zappi is an online portal and mobile app that connects schools and supply teachers in a simple and transparent way, eliminating the need for costly recruitment agencies.

The premise of the brand is speed, honesty, and reliability, as well as the distinguishing factor of being the only direct education recruitment app on the market. We worked with the co-founders to develop the initial branding concept, going through a number of iterations before deciding on the final direction.

The logo consists of an icon and font combination, giving developers the flexibility of choosing an icon-only logo for small, compact spaces like app icons and website favicons. 

A bright green background is instantly inviting, with a simple typeface accented by a curved speed line that underlines the on-demand nature of the product. 

Earlier iterations of the typeface offered a more distinct take on the font style, but were in danger of overloading the simplicity and straightforward character of the brand's core offering. A clean, modern style is a better reflection of Zappi's values, with the branding being carried forward to the final stages of marketing and product development.


Logo Development

Zappi Development.005.jpeg
Zappi Development.033.jpeg